2014: Lows and lows
New work: The Rebbe and the Student
The most invaluable tool an artist can get OR the post in which Kate gets emotional about the Internet OR states the complete bloody obvious as though you didn't know already
My 33rd year in review.
No Sur, I dun pay to play...
New Year!
Humbug Billy - The Bradford Sweet Poisoning of 1858
Arsenic - ...Something about the 33rd Degree
We're all set for Thursday!
A different perspective...
Deux beaux rubans de soie
So it's been a while...
Exploring our doorstep
So i've been thinking...
Updates on happenings
I'm still alive...
Inspirations: Irene
Last year, this year.
The Bathroom We Had to Have: Part One
Symbolism: Bees and Beehives
Part 2: The shoot that took 4 months (NSFW Images within)
Part 1: The shoot that took 4 months. (NSFW Images)
Steampunk: What it is.
Heart of Glass
Everybody knew but me...
The things that money can't buy...
The Oracle
Forgive me readers for I have sinned...
Succulent Neck Corset/Posture Collar